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Head of the Class
A Learning Journey Continues
The Power of Questioning
Cultivating an Inquiry-Driven Approach at FIS
A Common Thread
Language Connects Arabic Families at FIS
Designing for the World
Creating a Leading Learning Area at FIS
On the Road Again
Bringing in the Best
The First Dance
A Grade 6 Student’s Perspective on School Dances
More Than a Dance
Grade 6-8 Counselors’ Perspective on School Dances
FIS’s Magnificent Giving Tree
A Gentle Giant on the Oberursel Campus
Debunking TOK
The Understanding of Why Conversations May Fall Apart
Much Ado – The Musical
A Teacher Rewrites Shakespeare
Real-Time Learning
FISW Students Find Lessons that Connect with Life
Moonlighting Musicians
Talent Hits a High Note at FIS
Photo Philosophy
Lessons Beyond the Lens
FIS at your Fingertips
School Resources for the Mobile Device
A Floating Tribe
Finding Success as a Global Nomad
Home for the Holidays
Young Alumni Meet in Oberursel
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