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Have You Ever Wondered...
FIS Board of Trustees serves the school and its community
The Board of Trustees from left to right: Darren Trebel, Erin Schuman, Stefan Syrén, Claudia Laux, Paul Fochtman, Andre Kobelt, Jonathan Clenshaw, Constantin Loebus, Stephan Falk, Ward Greenberg, Michael Kern, Karen Claire-Zimmet, Lizette Chapa
Who owns Frankfurt International School? Who does the school look to when it is setting its goals for the future? Who has the ultimate accountability when it comes to ensuring that the school is achieving its mission and adhering to its core values? The answer can be summed up in three letters: YOU.
You may be surprised to learn of the important role you, as a parent, have in our school. This role is lived out not only in the school’s founding documents as a non-pro t institution, but also as you o er your input through surveys, raise your voice in parent meetings, and elect and empower the FIS Board of Trustees to act on your behalf. This may lead you to ask three other reasonable questions: Who are the Board of Trustees? Why are they needed? And How do they achieve their goals?
The “Who” question is relatively easy to answer. We are,  rst and foremost, FIS parents. All 12 members, six who are elected and six appointed, are passionate about providing not only their own children but all FIS students with an outstanding education. Your Board is a diverse group that represents a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds that bring
needed expertise and perspectives to the governing process.
Answering the “Why” question to de ne the purpose of the Board is more complex. When FIS was founded 55 years ago, the Articles of Association established the Board to provide oversight of the school, governing through policy and approving its strategic direction as it grew. The core of its name, “Trustees,” reminds us that we are charged with holding the school in trust, ensuring it remains strong for future generations of FIS families.
“How” your Board provides leadership for the future is the crux of our work. Through our various committees and open community meetings, which you are encouraged to attend, we tackle issues such as  nance, policy, educational programs, communication, and facilities growth and management. We do not attempt to micro-manage the capable faculty and administration who lead our school, but rather serve as a sounding board to help provide the necessary checks and balances found in any well-run organization.
The Board does not govern through intuition, but reviews objective data that is compiled into a dashboard of
key performance indicators (KPIs). Data that begins at admissions and continues through graduation is analyzed to determine if our school is doing everything possible to help students achieve their potential. The Board also reviews survey data from students, parents and faculty/sta  to understand existing perceptions within the community and identify areas for growth. The summation of our research, review and inquiries is then encapsulated in the FIS Strategic Plan, which becomes the school’s map for improvement.
It is impossible in the space of a single page to describe the work of your Board of Trustees. So let me end this article with a sentiment I hope you will remember above anything else I have written thus far: we are your Board and therefore want to be accessible to you. Please consider joining us for one of our evening meetings or feel free to approach us at community events. While I am very proud of the work our Board has accomplished, I know we will become even more e ective with your further input and ideas.
Jonathan Clenshaw Chair, Board of Trustees
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