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 A Grade 3 art journey from ambivalent abstraction to confident creativity
If you consider comics to be a lesser visual and literary art suitable for a bit of leisure time, read on. The Grade 3 Art journey in the first quarter of
2023 shows how comics transformed uncertain creators into confident authors, planners, designers and communicators.
“Who’d ever think of a broccoli on rollerblades?” FISO Elementary School Art teacher and FIS Alumna (Class of 2009) Margaret Werner voices my thoughts. We stand near the checkout desk of the ES Library ogling the lime green broccoli floret swooshing on blue roller skates on the cover
of Bony Goes Roller Skating. Bony (pronounced Bonnie) the Broccoli is one of the smorgasbord of striking characters and comics made by Grade 3 students on display at the library. These include The Surfing Cookie riding an orange juice wave, Hotel Baba featuring a four-limbed tardigrade- mouthed hero, The Unlikely Apocalypse, Painty the Paintbrush and ice cream maker, Phobe (pronounced Fobie] the Frog, Danny the Dragon, and The Missing Body of Hamby, where Hamby is
– yes, a hamburger.
 The ES library featured a colorful display of comics through May
Comics included character design, layout, color and shading
    12 FIS World June 2023

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