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   model several important values for their children. Through the donation of time or books, families were able to give back to the community and promote the importance of sustainability. Thanks to the support of generous donors, the PTG was also able to raise over 700 Euro to fund exciting educational initiatives, such as future author visits, which not only provide valuable learning experiences, but also encourages reading beyond the classroom.
Student Agency
The sale not only allowed students an opportunity to browse and select titles (the most popular age group for books sold was age 3–6), but it also provided Upper School students from the service group Ludus with the chance to participate in the organization and execution of the event, learning important skills like logistics, sales and teamwork.
Community Building
Finally – and perhaps most importantly – the book sale encouraged a sense of community as families came together to volunteer and be of service to the school. With 37 volunteers helping with the initiative, it allowed families to connect with one another and promote a sense of togetherness. One ES parent wrote, “I love books and get excited whenever I get to shop in an English bookstore. The Book Sale was personal in a way that went way beyond being able to browse books in my language. I got to share in books that my friends and colleagues and fellow FIS parents have read and enjoyed. I saw people discovering old favorites — things that you might not necessarily find on the shelves with all the new releases. I saw kids thrilled to find the next volume in the series. And I saw kids excited that their classmates would get to read books they’d already enjoyed. It meant it was about more than the books— it was about our community.”
2022/2023 PTG President Rebecca Gaudiosi counts that, among many other aspects of the sale, a success. “I am excited about what our community achieved with the Sustainable Book Sale,” she said “By coming together and taking small actions, we made a big difference in promoting sustainability, literacy and a sense of togetherness. Our success is a testament to the compassion and generosity of the FIS community and our shared commitment to building a better world – I’m proud to be a part of this!”
Needless to say, this certainly was a book (sale) with a very happy ending.
Story contributions by the FIS PTG
 Approx. 2,000 books collected
        Approx. 1,600 books sold
Total Sales 2,038 €
Back to sellers 1,325 €
Total donated to PTG 713 €
 Number of languages represented by the foreign language books:
Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German, English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Swedish, Portuguese
  Most popular age group for books donated: 9–12
Most popular age group for books sold:
37 Volunteers
from Ludus Service Group
  Most sought after books by students: science, animals, Minecraft, Beastquest, The Baby-Sitters Club, and anything by Dav Pilkey.
  June 2023 FIS World 21

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