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 In this issue
2  Finding Authenticity in Ourselves AI helps us define our humanity
3  Judging a School Year Measuring success goes beyond scores
4  Day H - Flex Day
A day for student empowerment
6  Learning with Lego
Using the building blocks for creativity and collaboration
8  Looking Ahead
The future is bold and bright at FIS
9  Changemakers are Going to Come
Students get tools and inspiration to turn passion into impact
10  Enlightened and Empowered Readers The Equity, Justice and Belonging initiative in our libraries
12  C is for Comics
A Grade 3 art journey from ambivalent abstraction to
confident creativity
14  Ready for the Day
A Grade 5 pilot helps students strengthen organizational
16  Celebrating our Global Community
Worldfest highlights what it means to be an international school
18  Discovery and Collaboration Exploring Galileo through art, design and science
20  More Than a Sale
A new PTG initiative promoted sustainability, literacy and
a sense of togetherness
22  Supporting the Transition from    School to Career
A new and improved professional internship program returns to FIS
23  The Next Chapter
Retirees reflect on their time at FIS
24  Coming Home
Alumni return to campus to celebrate a shared FIS experience
FIS World is made possible through the efforts of our volunteer team of writers, photographers and editors. If you are an FIS parent and would like to join our team, please contact Ryan Karr at The only experience required is a passion for our students and their education.
 June 2023 FIS World 1

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