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Our goals are to support our current female athletes, break down barriers to female sport participation, and build a greater sense of community among our Women Warriors.
    so they would have a better idea of what sports are available to them throughout the year. We believe that the younger we can engage our female-identifying students, the better for our long-term programs. Our first sessions gave students a chance to try volleyball, basketball, softball, and soccer (football) in a fun, no-pressure environment. Due to the great success of that first trial, we offered a second sport-taster session in the fall just before athletic team tryouts. This session also generated a good turnout, and resulted in almost double the number of those trying out for our Middle School teams compared to the previous year.
Following the sport tasters, we offered morning workout sessions and feedback sessions for all of our Middle and High School female athletes. Although we are in the initial stages of our program, we have plans to offer a variety of fun and educational events for any female athletes or interested students. Studies show that females
participating in sport and staying active are happier and healthier, and anything we can do to promote that will be a win for everyone.
As four strong athletic women who are used to facing and overcoming challenges, we are excited to explore and take risks on what could potentially be a game changer for our athletics program. If you or someone you know is interested in supporting the Women Warriors program or have expertise in this area, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to supporting our female athletes and helping everyone reach their full potential this season and beyond. Go Warriors!
Nicola Collins and Catherine Thornton FIS Teachers
NOTE: Sports teams at FIS are largely categorized as Boys and Girls teams, for example, "Varsity Girls Soccer." References in this story to females/males are those identifying with female/ male genders.
FIS coach and Grade 4 teacher, Catherine Thornton (lower right) working with prospective young athletes
November 2022 FIS World 17

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