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Return of the Warriors
FIS athletes past and present reunite for friendly competition
 Back on the pitch, FIS Alumni prepare for friendly competition against Varsity teams
Community is the word that makes FIS more than just a school. It is what transforms experiences from the moment a student and
their family join FIS, through school and along their journey to becoming an FIS Alumni. It is community that brought 65 alumni players, parents and even grandparents back to school for the first Return of the Warriors sporting event this past August.
The highly esteemed Athletic program at FIS has a history nearly as long as the school itself and for many of our alumni, is a source of formative memories and experiences. Traveling the length and breadth of Europe with their teams, end-of- season tournaments (ISST and SCIS), home games and housing, favorite coaches and practices – the list is long.
Dusting off old boots and sports shoes, FIS alumni from classes spanning 1989 to 2022, took their
places on court and field with slight trepidation. Competing against our newly chosen Varsity teams in soccer, volleyball and rugby provided fantastic fun on both sides, but little doubt our Varsity athletes would go on to great things during the Fall season! Ending the event with a BBQ for old times sake, the happiness on the faces of our alumni, former coaches, faculty, friends and family said it all.
By very definition, as an international school, gathering alumni together in one place poses geographical challenges. But for those who did return to campus for this event, the chance to reconnect, remember and rediscover, only served to remind what we all know: that the FIS community is a very special one indeed.
Hilary Polomsky
Development and Alumni Relations Manager
20 FIS World November 2022

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