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  In this issue
2  The Perfect Fit
Ensuring FIS is a place where everyone
feels they belong
3  Strength in Diversity
Varied experiences provide a powerful
combination for the Board
4  Promoting Wellbeing in the Workplace
Connecting with colleagues through movement
6  Partnering with Parents Open forums for information sharing
7  Streamlined Communication FIS adopts a new Learning Management
System (LMS) – Canvas
8  New Faces at FIS
Adding excellence to the classroom
10  Setting the Stage for Change The drama program’s commitment to the
evolution of student voices and views
12  Lifelong Learners
Teachers as students - for students
15  When Small is Big
The benefits of an intentionally small
16  Women Warriors Leveling the playing field at FIS
18  The Power of Play As vital for adults as for kids
20  Return of the Warriors
FIS athletes past and present reunite for
friendly competition
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 November 2022 FIS World 1

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