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 are significant health benefits to spending time in nature so combining this with aerobic exercise and positive social interactions increases those significant health benefits.
While running can often be competitive, the purpose of the Run Club is to be an inclusive and slow-paced social group. While some newcomers have wondered whether their pace would be an issue – identifying other runners in the group as too fast, or themselves as too slow – depending on the participants, there are usually several groups with different paces that run or walk together. As it’s hard to avoid the hills around the Oberursel campus however, hill training is almost always on the agenda!
One of the participants at FISW, Grade 3 teacher Molly Schuster, has recognized that pace is actually less important than it initially seemed. “As I’m the slowpoke pace amongst the runners, I see that the point of running together is being
together, so you run at the pace of each other. It’s nice that my speedy colleagues slow down to my speed when I need them to.”
Busy schedules are a frequently identified reason for skipping on exercising outdoors. But given the benefits of outdoor social interaction described, busy schedules and stress should actually be a reason to engage in these activities. As expressed so poignantly in one of my favorite quotes: “I really regret that run, said no runner ever!”
We are always open to ideas for growing the Run Club, not least because it aligns with FIS’s Strategic Plan surrounding Wellbeing: ”FIS will demonstrate a commitment to promote social, emotional and physical wellness by providing new personal growth opportunities.” We also hope our commitment to supporting each other’s wellbeing may inspire our students to see this as a part of a balanced and positive approach to life.
FIS Run Club
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