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  The artists’ comradeship led
to a variety, depth
and cohesiveness of work that wouldn’t have happened in a competitive, egotistical environment.
darkest days of Covid and beyond, these artists uplifted us all, students and adults who enjoyed their gifts of art in the hallways of the DaVinci Wing,” says FIS Head of School Paul Fochtman.
One painting stands out as especially uplifting: Florentine W.’s Inner Joy. Bursting with vivid color, the broad-smiling face staring straight at you masks nothing, defies nothing. Looking at it makes you smile back and jiggles a goodness in your heart; it makes you want to be forgiving, sets a good mood. “I believe life is a gift and use color to evoke moments of peace, relief and exhilaration,” says Florentine. With Inner Joy she aimed to convey that “we can empower ourselves though uplifting self-perception” and details the how-to: “By accepting past and present, we can experience the empowerment and tranquility of the moment and embrace the future. This optimistic introspective principle guides my life and creative process.”
Anaїs and Jana’s self-portraits capture this power of a calm pause. Anaїs’ face gazes dreamily just under an overlay of gently rippled water, used
to symbolize tranquility. Jana’s Motionless shows her just below a calm oceanic surface, facing upwards, eyes closed. Sunlight breaks through, erasing deep darkness.
A Humanist Dawn
Important art movements often emerged in exceptionally hard times, like ours. After Renaissance, Realism, Dadaism, Pop Art, Art Multiples, Digital Art, Edible Art, Shredded Art, NFT Art – the time is ripe for Humanist Art. The FIS IB Art Vernissage 2022 blueprints it: compassionately connected, imaginatively informed, resolutely hopeful, and inimitably, imperfectly human. More than reflecting the zeitgeist and offering joy and hope in times of turmoil, the journey and art of these eight IB ARTists illuminates a path and proves a place for human brilliance in the long future.
By Maria Monteiro FIS Parent
Vernissage artwork
(clockwise): “Assimetrico” by Anaїs
A.; “Waves of Life” by Jenny Y.; “Nothing that is Heard” and
“Everything that is Unseen” by Izzy M .
“Unleashed” embroidery by Jana K. (opposite page)
   June 2022 FIS World 19

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