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  the tour and were ready to be the tourguides for the Ghost Walk; they took the stories that had been written by the Performance Theatre class and created a meta-performance that would help glue the stories together. The Performance Theatre class embellished these stories through little vignettes that consisted of physical action, mask work, shadow puppetry and voice; they would be the ghosts of the Altstadt.
Add in collaboration with an amazing Grade 10 violinist who contributed more atmosphere and mood into the walk while tying it together with an eerie pulse that ran through the veins of the Altstadt. Throw in some stage lighting and smoke rigged through Primary School music teacher Phillip Benson’s cellar in the Altstadt and we had completed the task – starting what must be a new tradition here at FIS and, of course, Oberursel, our wonderful little city!
Thinking on your feet became a key theme of this piece. The students worked more productively than a professional company. The learning and turning points throughout the process galvanized their creative and organizational understanding of theatre and helped to develop their knowledge as Theatre Makers. It left the audience with new perspectives of the town they know so well and gave them an experience they will never forget.
  Jez Gregg
FIS Dance and Drama teacher
 Cast members in the school’s inaugural Ghost Walk acted
out scenes throughout the Oberursel Aldstadt
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