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Food from the Heart
FIS community members spread the love through baking
Aware of the long working hours, low morale and overwhelming stress felt by healthcare workers in the Covid-19 wards, and due to a swelling second
wave of infections in the New Year, FIS Upper School Choir teacher Debra Damron decided to take action. She posted a request on the FIS community Facebook page: “perhaps our community could organize small acts of kindness to support our local health care workers at hospitals and in care homes.” A chime of affirmative responses followed – “I will”, I’ll do it!”, “I’ll bake,” – and the creation of the FIS Community Baking for Healthcare Workers group sprung into life with a call of “spreading the love through baking.”
Coming together to share a message of gratitude, the nearly 90-member band of FIS parents, students, educators and friends have been busy. This is truly a generous and giving group. It has produced more than 3,500 baked goods in a 12-week period. With 55 active bakers, they have fired up their ovens and lined up baking bowls and wooden spoons. Many have caringly curled ribbons in individual packages and lovingly wrapped boxes; others have driven to deliver offerings of gratitude to more than a dozen healthcare clinics across the Taunus. Security, nurses and housekeeping staff on both campuses have also received recognition for their work during these challenging times with gifts made with love.
Many have caringly curled ribbons in individual packages and lovingly wrapped boxes; others have driven to deliver offerings of gratitude
to more than a dozen healthcare clinics across the Taunus.
Following the thread of comments on the privately organized Facebook group certainly boosts well- being. Kathleen MacClean, a friend of Ms. Damron’s, has been a key contributor in the logistical front, contacting the many healthcare organizations serviced by the group. She recently posted, “They are all happy and grateful and most importantly, feel truly supported.” She affirmed, “Carry on, dear FIS Bakers! You are doing a great service!”
In another comment, FISW parent and PTG President Scott Kelson commented, “Kudos to you all – simply amazing.” Pride and admiration was noted in a post by FIS Head of School, Dr. Paul Fochtman, “Thank you for all your efforts as you further spread the meaning of ‘family’ and care for our community. I could not be more proud of being in a community with folks like you!”
From FISW to FISO, spreading the message of gratitude is a family affair. FIS parent Rouchi Goyal jumped at the opportunity to help. She believes in the “ripples of joy,” and by sharing homemade food can help“spread a smile on sad faces.”Her family and a group of ladies from FIS’ Indian community joined to add their talents for this sweet and noble cause.
Grade 11 student Izzy is a regular contributor to the group, and was thrilled to read the name of two of her teachers, Ms. Singh and Ms. Wade, in the list of member bakers. Izzy teamed up with her mom, Maria, who believes that eating doesn’t just happen with the mouth, fulfilment is also nourished with the eyes. She artistically wrapped boxed offerings, one bejeweled in azulejo paper and a deep blue satin bow.
Indeed, FIS family and friend teams complemented their passions to create gifts of beauty, presented with care and filled to the rim with mouth watering treats – Finnish cinnamon buns, espresso chocolate cookies, banana muffins, baked paprika and green onion ciabatta rolls, snickerdoodles, Portuguese pastéis de nata, baskets of fresh fruits, granola bars and a selection of teas. All gifts spreading smiles and raising the levels of oxytocin in the recipients!
Members organized themselves to make good in their commitment to deliver acts of sweet appreciation. Cara Koch Benes from FISW and a group of five parent bakers prepared treats for 100+ healthcare workers in the Covid-19 ward at the Paulinen Klinik in Wiesbaden, including big-hearted thank you cards created by students. Marlene Greenberg, a mother of three FIS alumni, found a way to reconnect with the school she loves so much. She’s one of the originals of the “Monday Morning with Mom’s Muffins” at the Hochtaunus-Kliniken whose healthcare workers are now fans of and have requested the recipes. Isabella Juaresti de Capriles and her group have also baked muffins – blueberry, apple and carrot with mascarpone cheese frosting. She is proud of representing FIS and believes in helping from her small corner of the world in bringing a little bit of happiness to local healthcare workers.
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