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 Gary Noble, Physical Education teacher, 23 Years
While FIS provides a world of opportunities for its students, Gary Noble says the same is also true for teachers. “FIS was always supportive as I developed soccer camps at FISW, taking students for professional coaching to Chelsea, Valencia and Barcelona. In many ways, FIS enabled me to make some of my dreams become reality.” While his favorite aspect of working at FIS has been teaching children a skill and watching them discover what they can do and seeing them develop and take it to higher levels, he also counts his time at FISW, where he taught dance to students from Grade 1–6, as one of the best. “It was exhausting, but easily a highlight in my career!”
Andrea Rosinger, FISW Principal, 27 Years
As is true for many faculty and staff at the school, Andrea Rosinger came to FISW for “just a few years.” As she recalls: “I started with an age-group I’d never worked with before, and was encouraged and supported to stay, learn, contribute and be who I am. I was able to change an overseas assignment as a ‘trailing spouse’ into a career where I feel I was able to make a difference.” Now, nearly 30 years later, Ms. Rosinger looks back upon her time at FISW with fondness. “No doubt the students have been what has brightened my every day. Time really does go fast so make sure you are making great memories along the way. There will be a time when you’ll be taking them away with you, and I urge you to work hard to make them good ones!”
Mary Beth Steidl, Elementary School Librarian, 36 Years
Asking Mary Beth Steidl to describe her favorite memory of FIS is like asking what her favorite book is – too hard to note just one. As much as she loves her colleagues, it is the students Mary Beth will miss most. “I have been privileged to spend so much of my life with them,” she says. “I have watched them grow and graduate – and have even been lucky enough to have a few as colleagues.” When considering some parting advice, Mary Beth says, “Events taught me there would come a time when I needed to find a place to call home. Staying at FIS was a conscious decision, in large part because I saw that at its heart, FIS was a family. We are so much bigger now, but underneath, those values remain. I guess my advice is, if you are ready to step off that ex- pat whirl, you can’t do much better than FIS.”
Vera Thiers, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations, 14 Years
In her role at FIS, it’s no wonder that Vera Thiers considers “helping make events happen where the community comes together and has fun”as one of the most memorable parts of her time here at the school. From the annual Back to School BBQs to the Sixties Night to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the school (which ranks as her all-time favorite experience at FIS), Vera has relished her time here “working, laughing and joking around with colleagues.” Although her life beyond FIS will no doubt be just as busy with friends and family, she says: “Be grateful for the fabulous school community here at FIS. In my experience, it doesn’t get much better.”
Michele Weimar, Assistant to the Head of School, 15 Years
For Michele Weimar, the most rewarding part of working at FIS is how diversified her job has been. “There is always something new going on, and working with Paul (Fochtman), Karen (Wilkinson) and all my other great colleagues in Old Main and across the divisions, has been very enjoyable,” she says. “It certainly doesn't feel like I have been here for 15 years.”While Michele is sure she will miss working initially, she is very much looking forward to “being able to do things at the drop of a hat if I feel like it.” Like everyone else at the moment, travel is big on Michele’s list of to-dos after she retires, but she will also enjoy spending more time practicing her hobby of traditional archery and of course,
    “not wearing a mask to work.”
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