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    The Star of Hope
The Star of Hope represents hope, light and friendship for the people who have lost loved ones because of the pandemic. If the light of the hope fades away, the little holes always have the shine in them to keep the hope and friendship forever. – Ana Carolina, Grade 5PY
The Mixing Swirl of Twilight
The Mixing Swirl of Twilight communicates cooperation and the different ideas joining into one and becoming a solution for the pandemic. – Rachel, Grade 5ST
Student sculptors (above and on opposite page) move their designs from paper to clay
as they work toward creating ceramic pieces that reflect their experiences, hopes and dreams in a time of global turmoil.
  The Petals of Knowledge
The Petals of Knowledge represent wisdom, intelligence and health in this time of sickness. A flower won’t last forever, but it always comes again in spring. This is like right now when the flower is wilted, but it will soon bloom again and we will all be together.
– Katherine, Grade 5MO
The Ship of Humanity
The Ship of Humanity represents the beauty of the human brain and centuries of unity, cooperation, science, technology, advancements, joy, history, war, regret, pardon, religion, and life. It represents the humans of the past and the history of our race and where we are heading for a better future. It presents everyone who has cooperated and fought. Fought for peace. It represents every human who helped push forward, not just themselves, but humanity as a whole. It represents all the people who sacrificed everything for the world. It represents all of us. Travelling together on a single ship, the Ship of Humanity. – Angel, Grade 5IN
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