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sized sanctuaries and let the students’ imagination run free as they take a moment for themselves with a book or just their thoughts.
Grade 5 student Olivia E. praises the collaborative tables that rotate upwards to “transform into white- boards.”These same wheeled tables can be easily re- configured by the students in various ways, including an option to have a child pop up like a prairie dog through a central hole created when the tables are connected. Student designer Lyla G. said she prefers the shelving structure where ordinary shelves are re- fashioned into loungers that suspend students above the area in whatever posture they find comfortable while leaving room on the neighboring shelves to display student artwork.
With the goal of widening the sphere of learning from the confines of the classroom, the new com- mon area is a differentiated learning environment where students can organize themselves in small groups to work outside the classroom, find a peace- ful retreat for independent study or comfortably meet with friends.
We aim to provide learners with access to relevant information through dynamic virtual and physical spaces.
Another exciting renovation for FIS took place on the Wiesbaden campus and involved the remodeling of the Library Media Center. Library spaces are mov- ing away from being areas for hushed silent work to more active spaces and the new library is no excep- tion with flexible learning spaces to collaborate on projects and LEGO tables to spark some creativity.
After months of preparation, FISW’s new Library Media Center opened its doors last September and welcomed students with brightly painted shelves that display books more prominently, ten different types of seating, interactive game stations, browsing bins for popular books and self-checkout terminals that encourage independence. Cozy carpeted areas with Scandinavian-style seating invite discussions and a green room makes digital storytelling possible.
Natasha Pollack, the FISW Librarian, notes,“The FISW Library Media Center is a community learning hub. Our library serves to inspire and guide learners on their personal learning pathways. We aim to pro- vide learners with access to relevant information through dynamic virtual and physical spaces. The Library Media Center fosters collaboration, commu- nication and innovation.”
FISW’s new Library Media Center is a multi-purpose learning hub accentuated by bright, friendly colors
Whether it’s the new Wiesbaden campus Library Media Center or the Oberursel campus’ Elementary School common area, these dynamic learning spaces are expanding on their legacy roles and morphing into multipurpose places of connection. Unlike edu- cation in the pioneer days, learning isn’t just a single mode. It’s a changing rhythm of focus and interac- tion, collaborating and socializing, rest and rejuve- nation. It’s working with technologies, as well as books and desks. The new FIS spaces play a role in making that happen and offer choices to support the different rhythms of scholarship and the differ- ing needs of students.
A lot has changed in education from the one-room schoolhouse days, but one thing remains the same, we shape our places and our places shape us.
Juliette Gustavsson FIS Parent
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