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 A wild lynx, also known
as M12, on
the Oberursel campus sports field
The European lynx was extinct in Germany after 1850.
The European lynx is now a protected species.
The lynx reintroduction program in the Harz Mountains ran from 2000–2006.
M12 was a descendant of one of the 24 lynxes of this very successful project.
The lynxes are traced by a GPS transmitter collar, DNA and coat description.
The World Wildlife Foundation estimates there are about 135 lynxes in all of Germany, 90 of which are in the Harz.
There are no recorded attacks by lynxes on humans in Germany.
Lynxes do not attack dogs unless defending their prey.
Lynxes hunt mainly at dusk. Deer is the main source of food.
Seeing a wild lynx is like winning the lottery – also seldom to never!
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