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  Big Night In has also been suc- cessful at bringing FISW middle schoolers to the Oberursel cam- pus. According to Carolyn Walker Dietrich, an FISW middle school parent, “About 50% of our middle school students attended (in June). They want to meet new people, have fun and just be kids.”
Students are not the only ones benefiting from these Big Night In events. Profits from the events are all donated to charity, and parent volunteers who set-up, chaperone, work the concession stand, and clean up, have a chance to connect with one another and be “loosely” involved in their children’s so- cial lives. Last, but not least, Mr. Marciante says, the “Big Night In
is also a Big Night Out opportu- nity for parents. While their chil- dren are safe at school and having fun, parents should consider hav- ing their own Big Night Out and meet at the nearby Waldtraut to connect with other middle school parents for a laugh.”
Emmett Kelly FIS Parent
Perks of the Big Night In events: Honing DJ skills while having fun (top); a comfortable social setting for middle school students (below)
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