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 Not an Ordinary School
Custom-fit learning for all
Student creativity abounds at FIS, requiring our school
to approach teaching
and learning from multiple perspectives
As I move into my tenth year at FIS, I feel much of the same excitement I did when I first arrived. My energy and optimism are fueled by the fact that we continue to push toward new frontiers, pursue higher aspirations and achieve results that place us among the top of all international schools. Since the start of this school year, we have hosted our first-ever Artificial Intelligence Symposium, challenged teachers to develop new Special Innovation Passion Projects and have prepared our shovels to break ground on a stunning new arts building at FISW.
In a school such as ours that is constantly raising the bar in what defines educational excellence, there are many stories to tell. From sports highlights, to scien- tific discovery, to overcoming nerves on the perfor- mance stage or creating friendships with classmates from another corner of the world, being a member of our international school community means build- ing a robust collection of experiences.
The role of this magazine is to share just a few of the many stories about the things that make our school special. As you will discover in the following pages, FIS approaches learning from multiple per- spectives. We do so in an effort to provide endless paths for our students to grow in their understand- ing of themselves and the world around them in new and exciting ways.
At FIS, we do not expect students to bend to the fixed character of an institution. Instead, we adapt to the needs of each student by offering a myriad of oppor- tunities for personalized learning. Our ultimate goal is to provide the 1,800 students on our campuses with approximately the same number of unique ap- proaches to learning to match students’ intellect, as well as their social, emotional and physical needs.
This lofty aspiration is why we continue to make in- vestments in STEM opportunities – particularly given our students’ interest in being prepared for future endeavors in the areas of technology and science. Similarly, our Visual and Performing Arts Departments are also bursting with an abundance of creative en- ergy from students. Our sport facilities are world- class because we aspire for our student athletes to compete at the highest levels.
FIS approaches learning from multiple perspectives.
I could continue with more examples of how we con- tinue to invest in areas of service, leadership and hu- manities, but I hope my point is clear. Our school’s Mission calls us to inspire students and the only way we can truly do that is if we tap into what motivates each individual through personalized learning.
In this first half of the school year, when you have op- portunities to meet with your child’s teachers, I en- courage you to let them know what you think best motivates your son or daughter. Our commitment to partnering with parents means among other things that we want to learn how to best cater to your chil- dren from understanding your intimate knowledge of them. In doing so, we avoid the trap of being just an ordinary“one-size-fits-all”school and instead, can lead as an exceptional school where all individuals find their unique fit.
Dr. Paul M. Fochtman Head of School
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