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Critical Thinking: I can analyze and evaluate issues and ideas. My ideas can inspire critical thinking in others that leads
to action.
Creative thinking: I can generate original ideas and consider new perspectives. My thinking leads to innovation and new ways of doing.
Transfer: I can use my skills, attitudes, and knowledge in multiuple contexts and new situations without just referring to personal experience.
Social Skills
Collaboration: I can work effectively with others while showing a deep respect for multiple perspectives. I understand the power of learning from my peers while working toward
a specific goal.
Information & Media Literacy: I can find, interpret, judge, and share information honestly and effectively. I can easily use a variety of modes to consult, coach, and connect with others.
Reflection: I reflect on how I learn to gain a deeper understanding of self and place. My reflection develops confidence and thoughtful risk-taking.
Affective Skills: I can manage my own state of mind.
I show others an engaging, positive, and empathetic attitude. I value respect, honesty, and understanding.
Organization: I manage my time and tasks in a manner that inspires confidence and demonstrates independence.
Interaction & Language Skills: I can exchange thoughts, messages, and information through interaction.
I use language to include, influence, and inspire others. Through the way that I read, write, listen, and speak I show
my international-mindedness and my passion for the IB mission and learner profile.
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