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          then-current show, which was none other than “Alice in Wonderland.”
“The visit behind the scenes of the theater gave some of our students the idea to design large cards for the stage and different ways to decorate hats and other accessories,” said FISW Art Assistant, Carol Koepsell. “Students got really excited about the project and had big plans for their costume designs.“
“I loved working together because it showed you can add ideas together to make something great.”
- Sophia, Gr 7
Back on campus and with the performance date drawing near, students feverishly continued their work on costumes, set-design and tech, including sound, video and special effects. In addition to the aesthetic aspects of the show, student models also began practicing their walk down the “runway,” which FISW Hausmeister, Michael Bartmann, set up for the production. “It was somewhat of a challenge to get the models to overcome their
Modelling creative designs on the Alice in Fashionland runway (above
and far left); early stages in the design process (left); and the spectacular final results (right)
shyness,” said Ms. Koepsell. “But after several rehearsals, everyone settled into their roles.”
As with any major production, there was some
last-minute scrambling. But as Ms. Suonto said, “Everybody got their beautiful designs done in a
skillful way even though most of them had never sewn before.” As performance day arrived, elementary students, parents and faculty and staff gathered in the Commons for the big debut. “The confidence exhibited by many – as both ‘designers’ and ‘catwalk’ performers was a joy to behold,” said FISW Principal, Andrea Rosinger. “The enthusiasm for the entire project was palpable.”
Following the show, Grade 7 student, Sophia
reflected on the collaborative process of it all:
“I loved working together because it showed you
can add ideas together to make something great.”
After the success of “Alice in Fashionland” FISW’s Grade 6–8 teachers – visual arts, drama, music, and design and technology – are looking forward to working together on the next production. Clearly, there’s no other better choice than the one FISW’s Drama teacher, Sole Chinchilla, has selected: “Alice.”
Ricky Donnelly,
FIS World Staff Writer
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