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  Easily accessible, designated outdoor learning spaces
are critical to realizing
the potential for outdoor education at FIS.
The FISW Outdoor Space:
A place for discovery and collaboration
Hills, woods and fields as far as the eye can see
– the view alone from the Wiesbaden outdoor education area arouses a sense of well-being – is
a great starting point for learning! A team of FISW teachers, who have attended seminars on outdoor education, helped design the space with an outdoor seating area and planted areas that will enrich teaching and learning. They will also be instrumental in developing activities to teach students to experiment and work together to solve problems from different subject areas, combined with opportunities for physical activity, which is particularly important to those who learn best through active movement.
The Grade 4 Garden:
An extension of the classroom
During last year’s Unit of Inquiry on Decision- Making, students had an idea to create a Grade 4
“garden” that they described as additional classroom space outdoors for reading, relaxing – and zip-lining! As part of the decision-making
process, the students approached the school’s Assistant Director of Finance and Operations, Jana Schlichtenberg, with their ideas. The result is a newly designed area directly accessible from the Grade 4 classrooms. While it does not have a
Relaxing and reading in the Grade 4 garden (above); outdoor exploration and research at FISW (left)
zip-line (a compromise of the decision-making process), it does have many cozy spots for reading and will soon have espalier fruit trees and a greenhouse, making it a perfect space to investigate many aspects of the Grade 4 science curriculum.
While FIS has made great headway over the past several months in creating additional outdoor learning spaces, expanding opportunities for outdoor education will remain a strategic priority.
Vera Thiers
Manager of Marketing and Public Relations
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