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 All are likely to expand in the coming years as part of the school’s plan to accelerate various programs and offerings.
The second group, made-up entirely of student volunteers and serving as an extracurricular activity, is almost solely responsible for broadcasting events; it is the heart and soul of the school’s live-streaming program. “Without these volunteer-students who give their time so generously, we wouldn’t have our live-streaming program,” said Mr. Sinclair.
All FIS Media extra-curricular programs are staffed by volunteers as young as Grade 5, and according to Mr. Sinclair, that volunteer pool is critical.
“Providing these opportunities to our younger students works well because they often have more free time, and it simultaneously gives them a chance to gain experience and develop an interest in something that they can pursue at different levels all the way up through Grade 12.” Grade 6 media volunteer, Ruben Mihm, is one such student who falls into that category. “I love it,” Ruben said.
“I definitely plan to stay involved until I can enroll in the Upper School media classes.”
“Ruben’s enthusiasm and commitment to our Media team is outstanding,” adds Mr. Sinclair. “His ability to problem-solve on the go and lead a small team is second to none.”
There is no other school I know of that broadcasts as much content to families as we do.
- Julian, Gr 11
In addition to teaching the art of media and encouraging responsibility, dependability and teamwork, FIS Media provides a valuable connection to families who have come to FIS from all over the world. “FIS Media is unique,” Julian says.
“There is no other school I know of that broadcasts as much content to families as we do.” Statistics for FIS live-stream broadcasts regularly show that high numbers of viewers are tuning in – and from locations as far away as the Australia, India, Japan and the USA. Analytics from a recently live- streamed tournament at FIS even indicated a viewer had tuned in from Iceland!
In addition to broadcasting sports and performing arts, in-house conferences, graduation and variety of other events, FIS Media classes produce and broadcast a fortnightly, live current-affairs TV show, ToNight Live, featuring musical performances and other pre-recorded material.
FIS Media has also recently taken its show on the road. Earlier this year, students from the volunteer program traveled to Brussels to live-stream several FIS Varsity Rugby games as the team looked poised to win the championship. The live-stream allowed FIS families to watch away games – and the team’s championship win! A bit closer to home, members of the FIS Media team recently experimented with wireless broadcast equipment, which allowed them to live-stream parts of the FIS Track & Field Championships from the track in nearby Kronberg. Both instances not only
provided media students with new learning opportunities, but also made it possible for FIS friends and families to tune in from around the world.
FIS Media students are pioneers, learning media and live-streaming events across the world. As these pioneers are learning, media means “On Time, Every Time,” as the news waits for no one! The life skills learned while working at FIS Media also means that students are growing personally from these authentic experiences, which for some, will carry on to professional studios and screens around the world.
Emmett Kelly FIS Parent
FIS Media students capture a multitude of events to share both internally
and live-stream to viewers around the world.
 June 2018 FIS World 15

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