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Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Building on success
A Lifelong Connection
Reflections on being a part of the FIS community
Pedal Power
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    A cycling course at FISW gets students moving safely and with confidence
  In a League of its Own
Keeping FIS Warriors and fans happy is as easy as ABC
Making a Magazine
An Exposé of FIS World
The Senior Walk-Through
A new rite of passage at FIS
Code Girls at FIS
Inspiring students for a future in tech
New Sports in the Spotlight
        Personal initiatives, enthusiasm and drive bring several new sports opportunities to FIS
  The Media Experience
Sharing FIS events across the world
Art and Human Dignity
Four IB Visual Arts portraits by four FIS artists
Flea Market Fun
Connecting families, learning and service
Worldfest 2018
Here comes the sun!
From Venture Capitalist to Philanthropist
        FIS Alumnus ‘77 Don Lothrop’s humanitarian work in Romania 22
The Next Chapter
FIS World is made possible through the efforts of our volunteer team of writers, photographers and editors. If you are an FIS parent and would like to join our team, contact Ryan Karr at The only experience required is a passion for our students and their education.
Retirement opens a new realm of opportunities for faculty and staff
June 2018 FIS World 1

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