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“I have an unfaltering desire to get it right, to change, whilst not losing sight of our strengths as a school
Andrea Rosinger
Andrea Rosinger (back right,  fth from right) and other recipients of the Distinguished Principal Award in front of the United States Capitol Building. Photo credit: NAESP
do what we do, to realize that we are all, (in education), making a signi cant di erence to the hundreds of young people who pass through our lives and our school, and what a joy, privilege and honor that is!
I have returned even more committed to doing the best I can to keep our community one that cares about, nourishes, enriches and educates every individual that steps into our
school, no matter how long they are with us.”
Vera Thiers
Manager of Marketing and Public Relations
Students weigh in on what makes a distinguished principal:
When asked what makes a “distinguished” Principal, FISW’s Grade 5 students provided some of their own personal thoughts. Ms. Rosinger was delighted to note that “gray hair” was not one of them.
I think it’s someone who cares and respects other people’s ideas and opinions. Someone who has empathy, respect, commit-
ment, joy, peace, and someone who is creative and makes not only assem- blies, but other things interesting instead of boring. She is someone who supports their teachers to be the very best they can be. FISW is very lucky to have such an extraordinary Principal.
- Maiya
I think it’s someone who has achieved remarkable capabilities as an administrator of the school. She is a remarkable teacher
and guide to everybody at school. Ms. Rosinger is very kind, but at times she is strict with the school discipline. She knows all the students on our school campus and we love to see her at the start and the end of the school every day.
- Saadhyaa
I think it’s a great leader that helps everyone in the school by making assemblies with important topics. Our Principal makes
people feel comfortable. She always looks at the positive sides and treats everyone fairly. I am really proud to have Mrs. Rosinger as a Principal.
PS: I think it’s called Principal because she is my pal.
- Frederik
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