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FIS World is made possible through the e orts of our volunteer team of writers, photographers and editors. If you are an FIS parent and would like to join our team, contact Ryan Karr at ryan_karr@ The only experience required is a passion for our students and their education.
FIS Gets Graded
A school’s report card o ers an invitation for re ection
From a Brit on Brexit
The silver linings of an economic shift
A Session for Everyone
Child development and parenting expert Dr. Michael Thompson shares insight with the FIS community
Collaborative Discovery
Many heads are better than one
Build it and They’ll Come
The Stroth Center’s workout facility proves to be a dream space for  tness
Lending a Hand
FIS and FISW o er a world of feel-good opportunities
Outdoor Education
Learning outside of the classroom helps students connect with new environments – and one another
Gold sh in a Bowl
A personal and eye-opening account of an FIS Board meeting
A Very Important Principal
FISW’s Andrea Rosinger is honored with the Distinguished Principal Award in Washington, D.C.
The school’s new Grade 6 – 8 gaming club is o  to an auspicious start
A photo montage of the school’s celebration
An FIS Oasis
Alumni gather in Arizona’s desert for a weekend reunion
Grand Memories of FISW
An Alumni reunion at FISW rekindles long-time friendships
Seizing Opportunities
Alumnus Sean Duggan creates a lifestyle from lessons learned at FIS
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