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We Move!
PE inspires students through movement
Slow your pace as you pass by the Primary School gym, take a stroll along the Gallery Walkway at the
Stroth Center and spend a moment to observe students, from the littlest ones to those in the Upper School, engage in a dynamic and rich Physical Education (PE) curriculum. Students at FIS are on the move – lunging in capoeira, speed skipping in tinikling, stomping to the sounds of the
gumboot dance, soaring in the parkour trampoline, snaking yoga poses and  uttering limbs, batting strong in cricket, or balancing bodies while head down for Acrogymnastics. Bodies alive, brains charged up for the day’s learnings.
Scott Bain, Head of the Upper School’s Physical Education Department, lists a resounding number of reasons why PE
is important. “Stress reduction, increased  tness and an optimized brain are crucial in keeping our students mentally, physically and socially healthy. Movement in PE also supports them in all other subjects, assisting with critical thinking, information retention and concentration.” He explained, “we aren’t simply sports.”The school’s PE curriculum exposes kids to baseball,
12 FIS World February 2017

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