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Once FIS, Always FIS
Welcome to the FIS Alumni Community
FIS Alumni return to Oberursel for their 10-, 25-, and 40- Year Reunions every year on Worldfest weekend in May
When the very  rst edition of the FIS Alumni Directory was printed in 1989, Dr. George Smith, then Director of Educational Services, wrote: “To hold together the ‘FIS family’ is necessary and admirable work. FIS includes people from all over the world who have shared a few intense years learning from each other. The value of FIS can be measured to a great extent by your memories of those intense years and by the in uence those experiences have had on the quality of your life. The excitement of refreshing contacts with “old” school friends can be most stimulating and rewarding.”
Today, our directory is online, reunions are held on a regular basis all over the world, and FIS social media groups are global and vibrant. Whether your goal is to network or socialize, to reminisce or recruit, we in the Alumni O ce are here to help you connect.
What we do in the Alumni O ce:
• Plan events for alumni to get together in exciting locations,
• Communicate on-campus events, alumni reunions, major school and alumni news,
• Support alumni serving as Class Coordinators or Regional Representatives,
• Facilitate alumni looking for former classmates, and contacts for career
or educational purposes via social
• Encourage alumni to give back to
FIS by o ering internships or speaking at Career Day, for example.
Annual Alumni Reunions
Alumni Ski trip to Sölden Austria May:
10, 25 and 40 Year Reunions on campus (Worldfest Weekend) December:
Young Alums Winter Gathering in Oberursel for recent graduates.
Additional reunions vary by location, and past events have been held in cities around the world, including: Charlotte, Chicago, London, New York City, Portland, San Francisco, and Seoul.
Alumni Directory
Our online Alumni Directory enables former students, faculty and parents to connect with over 3,700 other FIS Alumni around the world.
Social Media
Our FIS Alumni Community Closed Facebook Group is used by over 2,000 alumni to connect with each other. In addition, many classes have created Facebook groups to coordinate Alumni reunions and stay in touch.
A growing number of FIS Alumni are also using our LinkedIn page to network professionally.
Returning to Campus
Large numbers of alumni return to campus each year to visit the school they love and/or favorite teachers. Alumni enjoy attending special FIS traditions like Applefest and Worldfest, and events like the IB Art Vernissage, music and dance concerts, as well as sports events.
Ties that Bind
For many, the opportunity to attend
a great school like FIS has signi cant implications for the future. Lessons learned and friendships formed last
a lifetime. Because FIS often serves as a lifeline for families living abroad and becomes “home” during this expatriate experience, these relationships are deep, meaningful, and precious. We’re here to help you keep them strong and healthy.
Learn more or connect with the FIS Alumni O ce at www.
Nancy Huston
Development and Alumni Relations Manager
Julia Vanderpool
Alumni Relations Manager
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