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 MostofourFISfamiliesunderstandablyfocusononeschool year at a time. However, the Board of Trustees is entrusted to look much further ahead to secure the future of the school
for generations to come. One way this is done is through the Board’s Building and Grounds Committee that creates a Master Plan for school improvements far into the future.
“We have created an exciting future for FIS that will make a dramatic impact on student learning.“
-Julia Heraeus-Rinnert, Chair, Board of Trustees
Over the past two years, FIS has worked with architects from Fielding International to develop a Master Plan that includes improvements that will take place over the next decade and beyond. Utilizing input from stakeholder groups of students, parents and FIS colleagues, Fielding has now turned our community’s dreams for the future into tangible plans.
These plans address topics that have been shared by stakeholders in our community surveys, such as the need to enhance learning spaces in the Oberursel Campus Elementary School, expand spaces to eat and socialize for Upper School students, and broaden resources for the performing arts.
In the coming 2023/2024 academic year, our FIS Board of Trustees will be inviting community members to information sessions to learn more about these exciting new plans. Of course, the process of transforming architectural drawings into actionable construction plans takes time, as does the process of obtaining competitive bids by contractors to ensure the school makes sound financial decisions.
While the detailed discussion of these plans and their associated timelines will be shared next school year, we wanted to offer a few of the architectural drawings to begin generating some excitement within our community.
   8 FIS World June 2023
 Looking Ahead
The future is bold and bright at FIS
Architectural renderings of what future campus improvements could look like

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