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 their Robot Design and how they demonstrate the Core Values (enthusiasm, sportsmanship and exceptional respect) of FIRST. After two years disrupted by Covid, it was great to have our FIS WarriorBots back in action as they went against 16 teams in Kronberg. Although we did not win the overall event, we did take home the award for
“Robot Design”after presenting on our innovative and robust robot and extensions, which we shared through the lens of the design cycle.
Friendly competition is at the heart of Challenge, as teams of students engage
in research, problem- solving, coding, and engineering – building and programming
a LEGO robot that navigates multiple missions of a robot game.
For the upcoming year, multiple teams have already been registered to participate in both divisions. Plans are also underway to begin friendly competitions with schools in Frankfurt and against other international schools in neighboring European countries. FLL will make its debut at FISW this year as well, which is an exciting development for our students in Naurod!
The theme for 2023-24 is “Masterpiece,” where FIRST LEGO League teams will brainstorm and innovate new ways to create, communicate and imagine the world of art across the globe. No doubt, our WarriorBots will be ready!
Jamie Stark
FIS Faculty and WarriorBot Coach
The only rule of Lego Club is: “Build!” But besides building, students design, discuss and debate what, why and how we build. As a result, we have some pretty nifty creations on display, including a landscape with trains, tunnels, forests and houses; a Lego map of the world on the wall; and a rainbow-colored sign, like a Hollywood sign towering over our Lego village reading: “FIS LEGO CLUB.” With trays and trays of thousands of bricks, all sorted by color, and with boxes of pre-existing sets, Lego enthusiasts can find a “World of Opportunity” in room S.305.
People often ask me if I’m too old to be playing with Lego. At 46, I probably am. But helping young individuals develop their creative minds, engineering skills and social abilities through Lego keeps me young and playful. For anyone who has visited Lego Club when it’s bustling with builders, the levels of energy and enthusiasm are evident and contagious. I hope when these kids are 46 years old, they are still creating, solving and building – with or without Lego.
For the past three years (despite Covid), the FIS Lego Club has quietly grown. Our Middle School group (Grade 6–8) meets on Mondays after school and during “Lego Lunch” on G days; Elementary students (Grades 3–5) meet on Tuesdays. The club also has Lego sets that students and parents can check out and work on at home. Lego donations are always welcome!
Brad Philpot
FIS Teacher and Lego Club Advisor
For questions on the Lego Club, please email Brad Philpot at This summer, a Lego Camp will be offered as part of the FIS Summer Academy.
More information can be found in the Summer
Academy brochure by scanning the QR code.
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