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 Coming Home
Alumni return to campus to celebrate a shared FIS experience
When your alumni come from as far afield as São Paulo, Melbourne, Tokyo, Vancouver and both east and west coasts of the USA to attend their class reunions, you know there is much to celebrate. This year over 100 alumni from as far back as 1973 came together to celebrate friendships, memories, traditions and the chance to rediscover the FIS campus of today during the school’s annual Alumni Reunion in May.
Being an international school alumni is both a special thing and hard to define at the same time. Scattered around the globe like dandelion seeds, FIS alumni come to rest where their education, careers and family takes them. Their bonds with one another are not rooted in a country or a city, but rather in shared experiences and their place in the rich 60-year history of the school.
Having the chance to meet our current students during campus tours was for many, a highlight, as well as reconnecting with their former teachers at a reception and dinner held on the first Friday evening of the weekend reunion. As for the community at large, what better than an afternoon at Worldfest! Although challenging to gather in one place, when they do, it is safe to say our Alumni are proud to say they have come “home.”
Hilary Polomsky
Development and Alumni Relations Manager
       24 FIS World June 2023

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