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   Events and Opportunities
  Performing Arts
“The Rocky Monster Show” at FIS Wiesbaden: FISW Middle School Theater presents a bizarre, anarchic and very funny performance that mixes the Addams Family, Young Frankenstein and Phantom of the Opera, with Rebecca and The Rocky Horror Show thrown in for good measure! Performances will take place on 19 and 20 June at 18:00 in the Black Box Theater.
“The Magical Voyage of Ulysses” at FIS Oberursel: FIS Middle School students explore the classic myth of Ulysses (otherwise known as The Odyssey). Come along to witness the trials and tribulations of this famous hero’s journey as the musical performance explores the curses of war, the call to adventure, the struggle for power, and the fight to fulfill or deny one’s destiny – with or without the help of the gods! Performances are 19 June at 19:00 and 20 June at 17:00 in the FIS Auditorium.
 Watch the FIS calendar at for a complete list of upcoming events.
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Grade 6 students unleashed their creativity through expressionistic collages inspired by Haiku poetry. Utilizing the Notan collage technique, scissors, paper and glue, student artists captured the core essence of their selected Haiku poems through the interplay of abstract shapes and colors.
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End-of-Year Sports Days
Students at FISW and in the FISO Primary and Elementary Schools celebrate the end of the year with sports day activities. The FIS Elementary Sports Day is Monday, 12 June; FIS Primary Sports Day is Friday, 16 June. FISW students will participate in sports day activities on 21 June.
Summer Academy
The FIS Summer Academy returns to the Oberursel Campus to offer students a rich and rewarding experience through both academic and social activities. The Academy runs Monday through Friday during five weeks of the summer vacation (26 June – 21 July, and 7–11 August), and is open to all current and future FIS students. For details, including course catalog and registration, please visit:
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