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            Flex Day
A day for student empowerment
Day H provides students with opportunities to pursue individual interests
and showcase them with the wider school community (above and opposite page)
At our school, we believe in empowering students to take charge of their own learning and pursue their interests and passions. That's why, at the start of the school year, FISW made a significant change from a traditional five- day schedule to an eight-day, A-H rotation. The new schedule has been an enormous success, and students eagerly anticipate each Day H, which commences with a morning Community Assembly where all students gather to celebrate one another's learning before embarking on a day of project-based learning.
One of the highlights of Day H is the Community Assembly that kicks off the day. As the year has progressed, students' confidence in sharing during these assemblies has grown. These presentations serve as a testament to the school's dedication to fostering creativity and confidence in our students. They provide a valuable opportunity to showcase and celebrate their learning in a meaningful and engaging way. Most recently, our Middle School students have been coaching the younger students to present sections in the assembly, exemplifying both their empathy and leadership skills.
Throughout Day H, students are encouraged to pursue their own interests and passions through a variety of activities. Some students choose to work on personal projects, such as building a robot or creating a work of art, while others dive deeper into their inquiry learning by conducting experiments, researching topics of interest, or analyzing data. Grade 8 student Deniz shares, “On
Day H, we get to pursue our personal interests.” Addy in Grade 7 says, “It really helps to validate our hobbies and what we’re actually interested in and the time and space to develop those skills.”
To support these efforts, we provide students with a variety of resources and tools. Our makerspace is open all day, with access to 3D printers, laser cutters, and other equipment students can use to bring their ideas to life. Our library is also open with a wide selection of books and other resources that students can use to conduct research or explore new topics. “Students are free to utilize the library individually or in small groups as they work on media projects, research, to receive extra guidance, or simply to enjoy a relaxing break from the busyness of the day,” as stated by our FISW Librarian, Natasha Pollock.
But Day H isn't just about individual pursuits. It's also a day for students to come together as a community and showcase their learning to one another. Throughout the day, there are special events happening around the school, such as student-led workshops, performances, and exhibitions.
For example, in the morning, some students might lead a workshop on coding or robotics, while others might give a presentation on their research into climate change or social justice issues. In the afternoon, there might be a talent show featuring student musicians, dancers and performers. Recently, we have begun to form cross- divisional and grade collaborative opportunities in
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