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 New Faces at FIS
Adding excellence to the classroom
In the June 2022 issue of FIS World, Head of School, Paul Fochtman noted that the school recruits “the best of the best” in its hiring efforts. In August, FIS welcomed 26 new teachers across grade levels and campuses. We invite you to learn more about a few of the school’s newest colleagues below.
Danielle Baccioli, Middle School Teacher (Oberursel)
Danielle was preparing to enter law school when she discovered her passion for teaching. After earning a bachelor’s degree, she took a year off to teach English as a second language
in Vietnam. It was then she knew that she wanted to be a teacher. She returned to the United States and instead of attending law school, earned a master’s degree in teaching. She worked in the United States for seven years before heading overseas to work in Qatar, China, Italy, and Thailand. While in Thailand, Danielle was excited to learn
that FIS had open positions available. She was drawn to FIS for a number of reasons, but strongly because of “the school's commitment to Equity, Justice and Belonging.” Since coming to FISO she has been“excited to be a part of an amazing team of educators,” and looks forward to continued collaboration. She
8 FIS World November 2022
New colleagues are welcomed on their “first day of school” with traditional German Schultüten (cones)
 is passionate about teaching Middle School and hopes to be integral in this specific time of students’ lives where they start to “develop a sense of place, how they fit into their community, their world, and also start to know themselves.” Living in many countries has given Danielle a broad range of experiences and created a passion for learning about diverse cultures that she brings to her classroom. By sharing this she hopes to inspire curiosity, empathy and a desire in her students to “take action as
global citizens.”

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