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 Simon Ettin, Grade 3 Teacher (Oberursel Campus)
Simon joined FISO in August as a Grade 3 teacher, but his teaching experience started years ago on the slopes as a ski and snowboard instructor in his home country of Canada. In his love of the sport he found a love of teaching. Seeing the light in his student's eyes as they learned a new skill was one of the things that drew him to teaching. Simon continued teaching seasonally for many years before starting his classroom career, since then working in New Zealand
Kimberly Jackson, Grade 3 / 4 Teacher (Wiesbaden Campus)
Kimberly spent ten years working as a chemist before realizing that teaching was the profession she wanted to pursue. With no teaching experience she struggled to find a position, but took the first chance she was offered as a teacher’s aide. Within months the school realized her value and offered her a full-time teaching position. She continued teaching in the United
States while earning her teaching certificate, before moving overseas to teach in Kuwait and Dubai in classrooms from kindergarten to Grade 6. Kimberly sees children as “beautiful walking potential,” and her focus on treating them as individuals and nourishing their learning experiences – as well as her passion for creating a learning environment where they can love
Shannon Moore, Middle School Teacher (Wiesbaden Campus)
Shannon knew before she left college that she wanted to teach – and that she wanted to do it internationally. She started her teaching journey in Jakarta where she had to battle natural disasters from earthquakes to volcanic eruptions. From there she taught in Serbia, Canada, South Africa, China, and Bermuda. As she continued in her career, she developed her own philosophy
of education and knew after leaving Bermuda she wanted her next school to align with that. Aware that FIS was a top international school in Europe, she searched for positions in Middle School grades and as soon as one opened she applied because “working at FIS had been a long-term goal of hers.” During the interview process, one of the things that made her feel like it was the right
and here in Germany. After ten years teaching at another international school in the Frankfurt area, Simon came to FIS. He brings his passion for adventure into the classroom, using personal stories and his youthful energy to engage and help his students learn. One of the reasons Simon came to FIS was because he was “looking forward to working at a school with passionate professional educators who could help him reach his potential.” Within the first months of school he has already felt how this has not only met, but exceeded his expectations. Not only has FIS provided professional development, but working alongside colleagues who are leaders in their field and passionate about what they do has allowed Simon to continue to excel as an educator.
themselves and laugh with each other – is what creates the “magic” in their learning experience. One of the reasons Kimberly joined FISW was because she “liked the sense of community she felt during interviews.” Since coming to FISW Kimberly says she never needs to ask for help
because the entire FISW community – from the principal to her homeroom parent – anticipates her needs and has ensured she has everything she needs, both professionally and personally, to feel comfortable in her role at the school. She loves that each day she can see and chat with parents and children
from all grades.
place was the school’s plans to engage students in becoming changemakers. Middle School is where Shannon wants to be; she loves how students at this age are“starting to think for themselves and starting to ask really interesting questions,”yet still seek out and need the guidance of their teachers. Shannon’s wide variety of teaching experience allows her to create an engaging learning environment by shifting focus and creating fresh content based on current
Molly Parker FIS Parent
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