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 Lifelong Learners
Teachers as students - for students
Professional development opportunities provide a wide range of learning experiences for faculty and staff across divisions: Playful Inquiry in
the Primary School (above); working with consultant, Tonya Gilchrist on Readers’/ Writers’ Workshop at FISW (opposite page)
Frankfurt International School is an inspirational place where amazing growth and intellectual curiosity are fostered thanks to its thriving,
engaged and positive learning community. The atmosphere is always buzzing with new ideas and a strong willingness to participate in the process of learning and relearning,which puts the school’s faculty and staff on a path of continuous improvement. FIS is dedicated to ensuring that all its employees can continually evolve in their practice by offering a wide array of professional learning opportunities that align with the school’s strategic initiatives.
The most successful professional develop- ment opportunities are meaningful, sustainable, and lead to enhanced learning. Teachers at FIS have the opportunity to collaborate with dedicated instructional coaches who support their interests and work alongside their colleagues to learn, practice and implement new ideas as they build partnerships to positively impact student learning.
Anthony Winch, Upper School English teacher and Instructional Coach, explains how at FIS,“We have been working with teachers for four years in the Upper School at FISO and most recently with colleagues at FISW on anything they wish to focus on that will ultimately improve student learning.”
Teachers are provided with space, tools and a team of encouraging, dedicated and knowledgeable coaches and as a result, are able to become
authors of change. Instructional coaching aligns with FIS’s commitment to help the school fulfill its vision to consistently strengthen its learning community while focusing on teacher and student growth. Mr. Winch explains, “It is a form of personalized professional development that respects individual expertise and seeks to create enriching dialogue and action.”
Instructional coaching is only one example among the multitude of professional enrichment options available at FIS. The 2022/2023 school year began with teachers collaborating and learning from each other and meeting outside consultants to dive into new pedagogical practices, refine established processes, and ensure personalized professional development.
The professional learning program at FIS is enhanced by long term partnerships with world renowned experts in a variety of strategic areas. Michael Johnston, Assistant Head of School, shares, “We have established relationships of trust and we all work together to catch, innovate and push our learning program forward.”
These partnerships with external educational experts, together with the eagerness of FIS faculty and staff to learn and implement new best practices that improve the learning process, strengthen student well-being and reinforce a sense of belonging. These elements are driving forces behind the success of the many professional development initiatives at FIS.
12 FIS World November 2022

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