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 Each iteration of the play seems to have risen out of a sort of protest, and while the FIS theater group is always seeking to provide an entertaining experience for their audience, they are, again, not shying away from topics that feel urgent, both timeless and timely: environmental crises and the denial of science, political pandering versus the pursuit of truth, and the ever-present tug-of-war between self-protection and self- sacrifice. During a pause in rehearsal, Mr. Sarstedt acknowledges the power of this work in saying
“...that allegory will last forever.”
Perhaps singularly among the arts, drama has often been able to provoke both thought and action in not only those who witness it but those who are treading the stage. For the FIS performers, their involvement in the drama program has brought about change in their lives that fuels their dedication to change in the world around them, and that is, most certainly, a reason for applause.
An Enemy of the People will be performed in the FIS Auditorium on 19, 21 and 22 November.
Katie Thieme FIS Parent
Students perform on stage during the June 2022 performance of “Peter Pan”
November 2022 FIS World 11

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