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     22 FIS World June 2022
A Fond Farewell
Faculty and staff prepare for a new adventure: retirement
The end of a school year is always bittersweet – particularly in an international school where families, faculty and staff are made up of global citizens. But for nine* faculty and staff members at FIS and FISW, June marks an entirely new milestone as they prepare for their next adventure: retirement. Below, they share some of the things that have made their careers, which collectively total 222 years of service at FIS, so special.
Janet Haughton, Primary School Teacher, 24 Years
Janet arrived at FIS when her daughter was a first grader with the idea of staying at the school for a year or two. Now, more than two decades later, Janet looks back on a rewarding career with “far too many favorite memories to name just one.”Nevertheless, some of the standouts include“witnessing the excitement of so many students over the years as they learned new skills and achieved something great; working with diverse groups of students, teachers and parents; and learning about different cultures and beliefs.”
Enjoy every day here at FIS. Enjoy your students, enjoy your colleagues and friends. After all, it is one of the best places to be.
Beate Nichols, Business Assistant, 25 Years
Although enrollment – and the number of facilities – grew significantly during the 25 years Beate worked at FIS, the one constant was always her “wonderful colleagues and the rich diversity of parents and students.”“It was enriching to be able to meet and interact with people from all parts of the world,” she said. “That's what FIS is all about.” While at the school, Beate had many roles, including working with the Marketing Department, the REAL Program, and in personnel. But her
“most beautiful task,” she says, “were the relocation activities during the summer vacations, which enabled me to welcome our new school members. It was fun in all areas and I enjoyed coming to Waldlust 15 every day.”
Advice: “Enjoy the time at and with FIS – there is no nicer place to work!”
Ina Ofer, FISW German Teacher, 27 Years
In her 27 years at FISW, Ina had the opportunity to work with students from Pre-Primary all the way through Grade 8. “Although it was a big challenge, it kept me young and always on the spot and ready for changes,” she says. During her time at FISW the school has changed a lot – new principles and new colleagues and of course new buildings. But she has enjoyed her time there and says, “I will miss the students and of course the exchange with colleagues and the beautiful nature of Naurod.”
Future Plans: After she retires, Ina plans to “spend a lot of time with my family, read all the books I haven't read and travel to places where I have not yet been.”
Jutta Opitz, School Nurse, 32 Years
From her start in 1990, working at FIS was always a satisfying challenge for Jutta. “Dealing with small children with little to no English skills and trying to find out the reason for their visit was not easy,”she says.“But I learned to interact and communicate with students using all kinds of gestures.” Throughout her years at the school, Jutta was able to meet many colleagues, heads of school, teachers and staff from different countries and thoroughly enjoyed working with them. “There was never a dull moment and many unique experiences that I cherished,” she added.
Future Plans: “Now I can fill my free time with sports, hiking and traveling and will enjoy not having to set the alarm clock in the morning! As we say in German: Dem Glücklichen schlägt keine Stunde!” (There is no hour for the lucky one!)

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