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 Back on Campus
Alumni spanning five decades return to FIS to celebrate
 What would draw you back to your school for a reunion? The chance to reconnect with former friends would seem the most obvious reason, but for the 100 alumni who traveled back to FIS this May, it was so much more.
For some it was the chance to visit a campus that, although almost unrecognizable, still felt like home; for others the opportunity to honor the memories of former teachers whose dedication altered the course of their lives. But for almost all, it was the collective joy in celebrating their place in the 60-year history of FIS.
Enjoying a full program over the course of the weekend of 13 May, from dinner, to campus tours and the 30th anniversary of Worldfest, our alumni were left with no doubt that their school was – and always will be – unique in that special FIS way!
Hilary Polomsky
Development and Alumni Relations Manager
  We look forward to seeing you again next year!
– Sue & Peter Moston, Alumni Faculty
We had a fabulous time and the school is looking amazing, almost unrecognizable.
– Simona de Logu, Class of ‘82
Thank you for the unforgettable reunion weekend. It meant so much to all of us.
– Eleanor Chuck, Class of ‘97
I look forward to the next reunion in many years to come.
– William Haywood, Class of ‘12
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