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  In this issue
2  Above the Competition Recruiting the best of the best makes FIS
stand out
3  A Community Effort
A shared commitment to FIS is at the core
of its excellence
4  A Year in the Making
Expanding my learning one Maker Space
at a time
6  Our Spoken Selves
The pilot year of the Identity Language
8  FISW Shines in the Spotlight A musical debut features student talent
10  Everybody is a Math Person New ways of thinking and learning help to
overcome math anxiety
12  Celebrating Diversity
FIS and FISW community members
14  Honoring Ambrose Kelly Celebrating a life, supporting a legacy
16  Opening New Doors
FIS parent and Board Member,
Dr. Seong-Han Kim shares his thoughts on giving at FIS
17  The Humanists
Art illuminates the way past exceptional
times of turmoil
20  Senior Parade
Coming full circle in a joyous march
22  A Fond Farewell
Faculty and staff prepare for a new
adventure: retirement
24  Back on Campus
Alumni spanning five decades return to
FIS to celebrate
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If you are an FIS parent and would like to join our team, please contact Ryan Karr at The only experience required is a passion for our students and their education.
 June 2022 FIS World 1

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