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 A Community Effort
A shared commitment to FIS is at the core of its excellence
By the time this publication reaches readers’ homes, the FIS Board of Trustees election will be completed and new members will be joining
our team of parent volunteers. While the Board may be the governing body at FIS, at our core we are a diverse group of parents who are passionate about committing their time and talents to ensure FIS offers an education of the highest standard to students of all ages and abilities.
As current Board Chair, one of my responsibilities is to help welcome and orient newly-elected Board members. With that in mind, I thought I would use this article to share with you some of the sentiments I will be sharing with our incoming Board members.
First, the role requires them to put their personal interests aside. A Board member must trade the narrow lens of self-interest for the wider lens of what is best for the entire FIS community. Similar to looking through the viewfinder of a camera, the best way to see a broader perspective is to keep an appropriate distance from the subject. If we get too close, we see only the tree and not the forest, and risk losing our objectivity in the process. This objective distance is needed by our Board as well.
Second, although our roles will involve hundreds of volunteer hours, we are fortunate to be at a school that already has a great deal of positive momentum. Some Boards must constantly push an organization into action, but our FIS teachers, staff and administration have played a key role in furthering FIS's position as one of the most respected and renowned international schools in Europe and beyond.
Third, I will stress that as a Board we must be future focused. The reason FIS has its exceptional facilities and programs today is because previous Boards were constantly looking five to ten years into the future. This does not discount a need to keep an eye on all that is happening today, but we are “Trustees” because we have been trusted with protecting the integrity of the school for future generations.
Fourth, just as is true with our parent community, faculty and staff, a smooth and transparent working relationship with our Head of School Paul Fochtman and the entire FIS administration is key to the overall success of FIS. We are extremely lucky to have such a talented Head of School and leadership team at FIS and want to ensure that we are both partners in and supporters of their important work.
Lastly, I will share my strong belief that we should consider ourselves as public servants of the school. While we may not be able to satisfy every request brought to our attention, we do want every parent to understand that their perspectives and input will be heard and respected. We are humbled by the trust you have given to us and will do everything possible to assure you that your trust has been well placed.
Julia Heraeus-Rinnert
2021/2022 Chair, Board of Trustees
Sharing in the community spirit at events like Worldfest (above) is one of the many roles of a Board member
June 2022 FIS World 3

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