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 Sixty Years Proud
As FIS celebrates 60 years of excellence, a look back at some of the milestones
  (Clockwise from top left on this page): Old Main building in the early years; the PTG’s directories; families at Worldfest; and celebrating 50 years in 2011
Education is all about looking forward, preparing our students to be change makers and leaders, “ready” for an ever-changing world. In the 60 years
since FIS was founded, as the fabric of our school has adapted, and facades and classrooms have transformed, it is sometimes easy to forget the legacy of pioneering ideas and programs that FIS shaped – not just for our students, but for international schools across Europe and the world as well. Happy birthday FIS! You have much to be proud of.
Did you know... that in 1961, FIS opened its doors to 120 students who“attended a school where everyone lived and learned like family?” In the intervening years, FIS has had 11 Heads of School and 28 Board of Trustees’ Chairs, who together with an inspiring teaching faculty, have never wavered from its mission to be the leading, family-orientated international school. More than 4,500 graduating students and tens of thousands of students have benefited from being part of the FIS family over the last 60 years. Today,
FIS has an enrollment of over 1,800 students across two campuses and an international reputation that extends far beyond the borders of Germany.
Did you know... that FIS was the seventh school in the world to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) program? Our academic heritage runs long, deep and proud, as prior to joining the IB Organization in 1968, FIS was one of the founding schools of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS). In 1969, 18 of our 26 graduating students took the first IB exams on a voluntary basis and our first student graduated with a full IB diploma in 1972. In the meantime, there are now approximately 5,400 IB schools in 159 countries worldwide.
Did you know... that our FIS Parent Teacher Group (PTG) has been celebrating all things FIS since 1962, where they produced the first ever school directory? Volunteering and parent involvement is at the very heart of what makes the FIS family so special and
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