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   our PTG has been a constant support to the school, students and community since the very beginning. The PTG brought Applefest to life 55 years ago and in 2022, will celebrate 30 years of Worldfest – all possible only through the engagement of our amazing volunteer community.
Did you know... that FIS competed in its first sports competition with another international school, AIS Vienna, in March 1968? As a founding school of the International Sports League (ISL), which was the forerunner to the International Schools Sports Tournament (ISST), FIS, together with The Hague, Brussels and Paris, set down the foundations for a competitive sports program that thrives to this day. The ISST organization has always been a pioneer in the standards set for varsity-level competition and FIS has been competing from the very beginning.
Did you know...that next year marks the 30th Anniversary of our Wiesbaden Campus? FISW
first opened its doors in 1992, and since then has continued to provide students and their families with an enriching school experience. Due to its smaller size, the school has been able to offer a wide variety of unique learning opportunities for its students and this year’s unveiling of the new state-of-the-art ACE (Arts, Creativity and Education) Center, will only add to the possibilities.
It is impossible to capture all that FIS and its students, teachers, family and friends have accomplished over the past 60 years. But if the school’s history is any indicator, the next 60 years and beyond promise to deliver a magnitude of new and incredible achievements.
Hilary Polomsky
Development & Alumni Relations Manager
(Clockwise from top left on this page:) The FISW campus nears its 30-year anniversary; ISST champs; the current Old Main building; and a packed house at the FIS Stroth Center
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