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 to the dedication and hard work of both the tech team and Hausmeisters at FIS.
“I am happy to say that in all our years of testing we have never had to cancel a session.”
- Bill Starns
Preparation for the ACT’s new online testing format has not been easy. FIS ICT Coordinators, Petra Bennett and Sebastian Sparr, explained that it takes approximately 12 hours to get things ready for an online test. In addition to the Hausmeisters’ work in setting up individual desks in the auditorium, computers must then be positioned on desks, checked for faults and attached to cables, since Wi-Fi testing is forbidden. This uses kilometers of cables! Further testing is then required using a secure server to ensure that the registration and uploading process is working before students enter the room. Plus, the tech team needs to be present during the test in case
of any problems. “The success of the FIS testing program results from the preparation and supervision work of our testing teams,” said
Mr. Starns.
Over the years, there have been a few minor incidents which have had to be managed. Students have forgotten to turn off their mobile phones or to bring the required identification, printed ticket or stationery. After completing the tests, one student even forgot his coat, backpack, watch, calculator and passport; they were all returned. And on another occasion, a student had to complete tests in a separate room after she developed hiccups that would not stop. Fortunately, these are all rare occurrences and Mr. Starns added, “I am happy to say that in all our years of testing we have never had to cancel a session.”
Testing may not be fun, but it is necessary.
Mr. Starns concluded, “We have a very fine
testing program at FIS and are determined that we will remain a leader in the testing field as more programs move into online testing and beyond.”
Tony Winch
FIS Parent / FIS Instructional Coach
Contributions by Charlene Aspinwall, Bill Starns, Petra Bennett and Sebastian Sparr
The successful transition to
an online ACT format allows FIS to provide testing opportunities for students from around the region
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