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   consensus was unanimous: the rolls with yeast
rose higher, were more moist and tasted better. “The change depends on what you put in them,”
the class explained. Their conclusion was that they liked yeast in their bread! The buzz on the way home was palpable as students talked excitedly about what they had seen, experienced, and of course, eaten! The experience will continue to be a vivid memory and reference point as they conduct future experiments surrounding matter.
The trip was purposefully timed so students could reference the experience and make connections
in their exploration of properties and change of matter.
The de Stalter bakery has a long and close relationship with FISW students, family and staff. Not only have students made many field trips to the bakery, the Stalters often bring the bakery to the school delivering tasty treats. Students have enjoyed baked goods for various holidays
including, St. Martins and Fasching, and last November, during the the PTG’s International Festival, families could even decorate de Stalter cookies. Teachers love having a de Stalter surprise waiting for them in the staff lounge, too!
The Stalters and their bakery are an active and integral ingredient of the close-knit family at FISW, and are instrumental in bringing learning to life!
Andrea Noble and Andrea Uhl FISW Grade 3 and 4 Teachers
Meisterbäcker Richard Stalter explains the chemical process that takes place in preparing bread dough (left)
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