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 Stage 4: Draft Magazine Meeting
FIS World writers, photographers and editors attend a review meeting where a mock-up of the magazine is presented. Articles are triple-checked for any mistakes, story order and other formatting elements of the magazine are discussed, and suggestions for improvements are made – and often, more cake is eaten.
Stage 5: Off To the Printer
Once Ms. Zimpel and Mr. Karr have made final adjustments, they cross their fingers and hold their thumbs, and send the magazine to printmedia solutions, a full-service printing company and creative media service provider, where the second phase of production kicks into high gear.
“Once we receive the print file, we begin the process of “ripping” the magazine,” says printmedia solutions CEO, Sinan Adali. “The print file is typographically prepared on a special computer before a proof is delivered to FIS by courier for final approval. Once we have the go-ahead, we check the colors, create printing plates and print the magazine signature by signature on climate- neutral paper, which is made with sustainable raw materials and is completely biodegradable. The signatures are cut, seamed and saddle stitched, and the final version is boxed up for distribution.”
Stage 6: Distribution
Approximately one week later, more than 1,500 printed magazines are delivered on a pallet to the school where they are then distributed throughout divisions to the youngest sibling in each family to bring home. Since 2015, the school has also produced a digital version of the magazine, where it can be shared online to a global audience. Digital copies are archived at
Stage 7: Feedback
The FIS World editorial staff often receives direct feedback from other community members, but the team also reflects on the finished magazine during a ‘Rants and Raves’ session, where writers and photographers share their opinions about what worked well and what could be improved for future issues. This input is all taken to the ‘Review and Story Ideas’ meeting and the cycle begins again.
If you enjoy writing, editing, photography, eating cake, or would like to otherwise be part of the above process, please contact Ryan Karr (
Tony Winch, FIS Parent
FIS World editorial team members discuss page order and make final edits in preparation for the printer (opposite page); the magazine in production at printmedia solutions, with Mr. Adali and his colleague proofing signatures before cutting (this page).
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