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  Frequent Concession Stand volunteers, Marlene Greenberg and Noriko Svenson, have their favorite items from the menu; Ms. Greenberg has a weakness for the double-dark-chocolate cookies and Ms. Svenson has a passion for the Cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso. Angel Vazquez, a baseball referee who’s frequently on campus for games, has a favorite, too. “I’m always looking forward to having a burger,” he said. “The kids are lucky!” Even visitors like Mike McGowan, a baseball coach at The American School in London, offered a rave review.
“I really like the panini,” he said during his April visit to FIS for a tournament. Between bites, he added, “It’s very tasty.”
The popularity of the ABC Bookstore and Concessions Stand is doing more than just satisfying hungry visitors or those looking for FIS spirit wear, though. “The ABC’s executive committee and parent
volunteers are an integral part of our Athletic Program,” said FIS Athletic Director, Will Moncrief.
“They provide a vital service not only to our athletes and families, but also to our visiting coaches, players and supporters. The added bonus is that 100% of their profits go directly back into the Athletic Program. Whether it’s new uniforms, team sports bags or necessary training equipment, it directly benefits our athletes.”
Significant time and effort by volunteers contribute to the ABC being ‘in a league of its own.’ And it’s clear that the FIS Boulevard, with the Bookstore on one side and the Concessions Stand on the other, is a winning combination.
Emmett Kelly FIS Parent
Athletic Booster Club parent volunteers are second to none (top); concession stand snacks remain a favorite for students and fans alike (bottom).
 June 2018 FIS World 7

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