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Flea Market Fun
Connecting families, learning and service
Families are at the heart of our school’s mission statement and FIS prides itself on being a school where new and old families come together,
connecting through the many events and activities offered to strengthen and liven our community.
Who would have thought that the Stroth Center Parking Garage would be a place for family cheer? Or that the buzz of buying and selling would spark community building? FIS’s Flea Markets make Sunday family fun a valuable experience: scores of vendor families unpacking cars, carrying heavy boxes, children helping parents, parents waving to other parents, buddies greeting each other – all while eyeing the competition and the goodies to be sold.
FIS’s Flea Markets are popular events. They aren’t just for FIS families, but eagerly awaited by the local community, attracting families from Oberursel and other Taunus towns. Like at all flea markets, the goal of vendors is to sell unwanted items and for buyers to find good value in their purchases. But the surprise at FIS is that the Flea Market becomes a hands-on classroom on the market economy. In the exchange of goods, lessons on cost-gain, pricing, negotiating skills, marketing, and service are learned.
The three middle school-aged vendors at one table in March shared in the 25 euro cost of participating. They thoughtfully set up their goods: a wooden doll house, a collection of fidget spinners, a colorful array of Lego pieces, books, board games, outgrown shoes, tennis rackets, scooters and golf clubs. Parents contributed to the display with an iron skillet, flower vases and other decorative items once needed, but now deemed clutter. Lara negotiated the selling price of her doll house and passed the treasure on to the new owner, a little girl smiling big and bright; Otto lowered his price to sell two of last year’s adored fidget spinners to a boy who only had a two-euro coin in his wallet; and their friend, Sevastian was overwhelmed by the demand for his Lego collection and quickly sold a burly bag of Lego pieces for eight euros. A successful day. The three young vendors made over 150 euros, responsibly disposed of unwanted items – and decluttered!
Unbeknownst to us first-time vendors focused on getting rid of the clutter in our homes, was that service is the underpinning of the school’s Flea Markets. For the past five years, Upper School Assistant Principal, Pete Sinclair, and a group of students have dedicated time and energy to
organize and work the seasonal markets with the aim of raising funds for the school’s long-standing Kalahari service learning project.
With 70 vendor tables and over 500 visitors at the winter market, our participation was a contributing element that helped raise over 1,300 euros for the Kalahari Experience Education Projects in South Africa. Mr. Sinclair explained that the funds would be used to “advance literacy in early education centers and would support the development of reading rooms in ten extremely isolated and disadvantaged rural schools.” Wow. What amazing ripple effects a family Sunday outing can have when you are part of FIS’s community and its World of Opportunities.
Deirdre Harriet-Boettcher FIS Parent
FIS Flea Markets offer something for everyone, including learning opportunities for students.
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