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  from my family, but FIS had a transformative effect on me. What FIS did, was taught me to ask questions and think. It certainly helped to be in a diverse student body, but it was the teachers that made the difference. I remember George Henning- Ross, Joe Campbell, Frank Walker, Dennis Harper, and of course, Harold Judis, like it was yesterday.
I wasn’t a great student at FIS, but by the end of college I was getting excellent grades and ended up graduating as a Baker Scholar from Harvard Business School. Honestly, the only teachers whose words still come to mind are my teachers from FIS. I wish I could thank them.”
Since his initial decision to make a donation to the orphanage, Mr. Lothrop’s life has changed dramatically. Some see the humanitarian nature of his work, others call it ‘nation building’,
‘development’, or ‘supporting the growth of civil society’. One thing everyone agrees on, this seemingly small decision, a simple act of kindness, ended up reorienting the trajectory of a life that is now touching millions of Romanians.
Nancy Huston
FIS Development and Alumni Relations Manager
Don Lothrop
FIS Alumnus ‘77, Contributing Author
Top photo: Don Lothrop (left) with Viorel ‘Pepe’ Tamas (right) who runs Colina Farms. Lower photo: The Tamas family at Colina Farms
 June 2018 FIS World 23

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