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 Pedal Power
A cycling course at FISW gets students moving safely and with confidence
At FISW, a cross-curricular course combining German, Physical Education – and fun – is geared toward Grade 4 students mastering their two- wheeled machines.
As part of the school’s new cycling proficiency course, students work to familiarize themselves with the core mechanics of a bicycle before moving on to more hands-on lessons like cleaning and basic maintenance: oiling chains, adjusting saddle heights, inflating tires and checking brakes.
The reward for their ‘pre-flight’ check is a trip outside for laps around the sports court where they practice balancing, steering and stopping with appropriate control.
As the course progresses, students are challenged with riding on various terrain and developing additional handling skills both on and off road. “It’s a good thing to know and be able to do, otherwise you might crash,” says Grade 4 student Annabelle.
Bike safety, in particular negotiating traffic, is considered an ‘essential life skill’ and one certainly worth the investment of time and energy to develop.
The school’s German department supports the bicycle training (Die Radfahrausbildung) in the classroom by introducing learners to rules, regulations and traffic signs (Verkehrsschilder) common to German roads – and critical for the safety of young riders. Teachers can even be seen offering students friendly and encouraging support during break times. “We are studying to get our license so in the future we can ride around Germany legally,” says Kaj, Grade 4.
The future is Bike for FISW students. Once mastered, the bicycle becomes another valuable tool for learning. “Once they have proven the appropriate skills, our students are able to venture farther into the beautiful countryside around our Wiesbaden
 4 FIS World June 2018

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