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In a League of its Own
Keeping FIS Warriors and fans happy is as easy as ABC
The FIS Letterman jacket (modeled below) is just one of the many new and exciting spirit wear options available at the FIS Bookstore.
The FIS Athletic Department has many teams competing to be the very best, and the FIS Athletic Booster Club (ABC) is
certainly one of them. It is arguably unmatched among competitors, and can be described as ‘in a league of its own.’
Under the leadership of ABC President Wendy Fochtman, a team of nine parents who serve on the executive committee, as well as countless other parent volunteers, promote team spirit, support the athletic community, and raise funds throughout the year. This team has distinguished itself across all these criteria, as well as in fashion and the culinary arts. The ABC manages a student bookstore and concessions stand on campus, both of which have seen extraordinary improvements
and service-offerings over the past several years.
Dewi Wernsing, FIS parent and current ABC Bookstore Coordinator, said there have been significant changes and improvements to the store, and
The ABC’s executive committee
and parent volunteers are an integral part of our Athletic Program.
- Will Moncrief, Athletic Director
gives much of the credit to former Bookstore Clothing Coordinator, Claudia Spencer.
“Claudia has such great enthusiasm,” Ms. Wernsing said.
“She invented and added a large variety of FIS spirit items, dealt with suppliers and planned the marketing. She also modernized the bookstore by bringing in the iPad to replace the cashier machine.” Current Clothing Coordinator, Emilie Huck, confirmed the success of the many changes and improvements. “The clothing and accessories, such as umbrellas and water bottles with the Warrior logo, have been really popular,” she said.
'Popular' is also a perfect word to describe the ABC Concessions Stand. The state-of-the-art restaurant-quality equipment and expansive menu have attracted literally thousands of customers since its opening with the Stroth Center in March 2016. Concessions Coordinators, Viji Rajesh and Patricia Striano and scores of volunteers, provide hundreds of athletes, spectators and lingering students a delicious meal or snack during sporting events on campus.
Ms. Rajesh, a hands-on leader, is known for being able to keep a mental inventory of cookies sold. But beyond cookie-counting, she emphasized the importance of teamwork and having fun.
“I enjoy working with these wonderful women and I rely on the significant time and effort they contribute.”
Patricia Striano will be leaving the FIS community after this semester as her youngest child graduates, but will leave a legacy. “Viji and I introduced Chili to an already successful menu along with my own personal, favorite blueberry muffin recipe,” said Ms. Striano.
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